Unable to save objects to Access database (changeset 8959)


I have a problem saving objects to an Access (2007, but it also happens to Access 2000) database. Save() operation fails (returns false) but no error occurrs. To be sure I wasn't doing something wrong, I tried to leave some required fields empty and I positively got an error stating such fields were required. So the Save() attempt happens, but when all fields are valid, Save() just fails.
Same code works for SQL Server and SQLite so I believe this is something related to Access support.
Hope this helps.
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TBPrince wrote Sep 23, 2007 at 12:36 AM

Did some testing and found out that everything works if primary key for table is a counter (autonumber) field. Any other type of field used as primary key will make Save() fail.

Hope this helps.

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